Saturday, July 31, 2010

Infant Feeding 201

101 would refer to liquid feeding. Ellie has been on "solids" for about a month and a half now. The method we learned to approach this period of introducing solids is that you always do the liquid feeding before the solid feeding. When you introduce food, you don't increase the number of meals per day, you simply stick on a little spoon feeding after the liquid. The milk is still the most important source of nutrients for awhile, so you want Baby to get that before filling up on other things. Anyway, that is a great reason, right? Well, tonight, I learned another great reason. We were planning on going somewhere for a little while this evening. Since Ellie and I are still awkward at this spoon-thing together, we typically prefer to do it at home if at all possible. So I usually feed her the "solid" and then bring the milk along if we are going to be out at all in the evening. I decided in the middle of her solid food that it might not be best to take her out tonight, so instead of feeding her the milk an hour or so later, I just went ahead and gave it to her. She finished it just fine, no problem there... but then she had prune and broccoli spit-up when I burped her! Gross!

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