Thursday, July 1, 2010

Joshua's first report card

Today was a very big day for us. Joshua went to Mother's Day Out! Before we moved back to America, Joshua had been away from us for maybe a total of 12 awake hours of his life. (And I should mention that those 12 hours all occurred since Ellie was born!) Since we returned, he has really enjoyed participating in the Children's Ministry at our church. For a few weeks, we were taking a class, so he stayed for 3 hours on those Sundays. His "camp," as David prefers to call it, is for 5.5 hours, and nap time is included! Joshua brought home some artwork and a report card from his day. Here is what his report card says:

Art: creating nighttime pictures
Today's Theme: summer fun
Today I was: happy and friendly
Lunch Time: Ate well
Diaper changes...
Nap time: No

Did you catch that last one?! Joshua loves people, so my main concern was what he would do when they tried to get him to sleep in a room full of people. When I went to get him, (to take him to the doctor, I might add,) they said that he had not slept AT ALL!! The ladies told me he was in bed simply playing. They tried different things to help him fall asleep, but he stayed happily awake. After 45 minutes, they felt bad for him and let him get up to play. Apparently he never cried or got grumpy. I was dreading the trip to the doctor with a kid who never misses a nap and already detests the doctor, but Joshua stayed relatively pleasant for the rest of the day! In case you haven't read about our typical doctor visits, I will tell you this was probably the first visit in nearly a year that Joshua didn't scream the entire time the doctor was in the room. All things considered, I think it was a successful day!

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