Friday, August 27, 2010

New perspectives

I have a lot of catching up to do, I know. We have been pretty busy this month! I have to start somewhere... Ellie has gotten a lot stronger, and she sits up pretty well on her own now! Not well enough that I would leave her sitting by herself, but well enough that she sits with me without leaning against anything for quite awhile. Now, this is our second time to walk through these stages, but the things that strike me are the differences between our kids and the way they respond to life. Ellie loves to sit upright. In fact, our girl who liked tummy time quite a bit is not very content to be all the way down there on the floor any more. She wants to sit up, see things, and lunge at them! She doesn't fall backward like her brother did; she falls forward or to the side. Maybe it is a small difference, but I think it shows some of her personality. Ellie loves this new perspective on life in the bathtub as well. I still bathe her laying in a little tub, but I let her sit for some play time at the end. You would think I had put her in a new place; it is like she didn't know the water was there while she was leaning back! As soon as she is sitting, Ellie splashes and reaches out to grab at the water. She now spends as much time as her big brother in the bathtub, and she is not pleased when I take her out!

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