Monday, November 30, 2009

The games Mommy won't play

This afternoon we visited our friends. There were several children around, and that usually means that Joshua is pretty happy. He crawled around, shared our refreshments, and was playing with my gum container. It is a small canister that I really bought more because he likes to shake it than because I enjoy the gum. At some point, Joshua ended up on the couch with two children in his face... not my favorite during flu season, but at least I got the young girl to stop putting her fingers in his mouth! Anyway, Joshua started the "dropping" game. You all must know it well... he drops his toy, and someone is supposed to pick it up...over and over and over again. Well, Mommy is not a fun playmate during this game because she doesn't play very well for very long. These two kids, much to Joshua's delight, thought it was so fun to continue retrieving his gum container and returning it to him.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The things we learn...

One of Joshua's "things" right now is to roam around the house wearing gloves. These are gloves that were a random gift last year, actually. They are not particularly attractive, and he can never sit still long enough for me to put them on his hands properly. However, if he sees them, he MUST have them on! Nevermind the fact that they make crawling a little more difficult and slippery! Today Joshua was experimenting with his gloves and learning that his claps don't sound the same with them. David killed a mosquito the other night, and since then, Joshua will randomly clap once because well, that is what Daddy did!

Another thing Joshua has been figuring out is that he can't clap while holding things. Last night, he was tossing a tennis ball around, and he kept trying to clap as he threw it. This morning, he wanted to clap to the beat he was making as he banged together metal measuring cups, but somehow the measuring cups kept falling out of his hands as he clapped. Go figure! I have to admit, I prefer the sound of clapping to clanging metal!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A new pastime

We have two wonderful balconies; a long one on each side of the apartment. We haven't used them a lot over the past months, and I have neglected them badly. It is the time of year where we set up our sobias (gas heaters), which we had stored outside. Anyway, I decided I was going to get out there and clean up. The dilemma was how to go about this task with Joshua roaming around. I have been realizing that I am just going to have to let him get dirty. Many of you will probably laugh and think, "Well, hello! He is a little boy!" But really, it has been a big step for me! Over the weekend, I cleaned the filth outside and let Joshua "help" me while I wiped down gas cans. (Don't worry, I didn't let him touch the gas!) He discovered the chickens behind our house, and he has decided that it is pretty fun to go in and out of the door that leads to the balcony. So his new pastime is chicken watching, and he will stand on his tiptoes peering over the concret wall as long as I will allow him to do so... and he might sample a little bird poop if I am not paying attention. I am thankful for this new diversion (minus the bird poop)... at least while it is pleasant enough outside to take advantage of it!

Friday, November 20, 2009


I imagine any Mom can hear the way that word is pronounced. Joshua has entered a new phase where he is much more aware of all things that he wants and doesn't want. This is fun when it is positive, like when he expresses himself through laughter or playing games with us. Unfortunately, if more often comes out in a screech of a whine when he wants something and doesn't know how to tell us that he wants it. This is only the beginning of the fun stage where he will no doubt assert his will at every opportunity, and we will spend much of our time reigning it in for now! (Pictures: Joshua gleefully re-organizing Daddy's sock drawer; Joshua helping Daddy fix Mommy's suitcase.)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The stories Daddy didn't tell...

While I was gone, David put little daily updates on facebook. I couldn't see facebook from the hotel, so I enjoyed reading them and looking at pictures when I got home. He kept a terrific chronicle of the week for me, but there were a couple of pictures that required further explanation. The one I am including in this post shows what Joshua was able to accomplish in a few brief moments of being alone in the living room. I imagine you can guess why the bidet no longer has a plug in it or a knob to make the plug function... David went into the bathroom and found the plug in the toilet! I think we have a mischievous boy on our hands!

A new day = a new game

I was amazed when I returned from Thailand how many little ways Joshua would change in a short week! He has a couple of new games he enjoys playing, and he is much more expressive verbally. For example, his owl hoot has turned into more of a "whoa!" or "wow!" He frequently requests a song by putting his hands on his head. He specifically does it when he wants one of us to sing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes," but I think he is happy with most any music these days. Today at the grocery store, Joshua enjoyed dancing in the cart to some blaring Celine Dion.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Note to self: always be prepared

Within the States, it is relatively simple to figure things out with airlines. You simply go online and read, and you will know policies about liquids, carry-ons, luggage allowance, etc. Not so outside of the United States. Airlines, regions, and even individuals within a single airport vary in their preferences. One would think you could just read or call to get information, but after travelling in the last couple of months with a toddler, and infant (not mine), and a large pregnant belly, I am here to tell you that it just helps to expect for incredible inconvenience no matter what. If you have done much international travelling, you probably knew all of this already.

Last summer we went to Germany when I was 7 months pregnant, and no one even seemed to notice. This trip, I didn't even think about getting a doctor's note to travel because I had no use for it last summer. Big mistake. It wasn't a big deal on the way; I got some raised eyebrows and had to sign a liability form for one flight. I also had to put a pillow between my stomach and the seatbelt. I think it was supposed to protect the baby in case a suitcase flew out and hit me in the stomach... maybe they know something that I don't.

On the way back, however, I was escorted by a woman to visit the airport "hospital" where they expected me to pay for an examination that I knew I didn't need! They told me it was for my own security, and I assured them that I had seen my doctor the week before I travelled, and I felt very secure. Ultimately, I submitted to the examination, but I did not pay for it... the doctor determined that my temperature was normal, my blood pressure was normal, and I had a baby moving around in my stomach. Thanks for the helpful information!

Home again, home again!

Ok, I think I might be finished with these little breaks for awhile... at least until sweet little sister graces us with her presence! We have had a busy few weeks since we got back from the States. I just returned home from a week long women's conference in Thailand. It was a wonderful experience, but I am so glad to be back at home with David and Joshua! I have several little stories to share in the coming days about our travelling experiences. David and Joshua seemed to have a great week without Mommy, and Joshua wasn't even that impressed that I came home!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Stormy nights

We have had about three straight days of rain as of today. I think the sun has come out for an hour here and there, but it never lasts very long. I love the rain, and such an excess doesn't seem like excess after 6 months without seeing it!

Where we live, when it rains it is kind of like what happens in Houston when it snows. People don't seem to know what to do, and there are lots of technical difficulties. We had one hour of electricity on Sunday, and that was much more than what we heard some areas had!

David and I were remembering some of the hailstorms from last winter. We were always amazed at how Joshua slept through the deafening sound on the windows. I anticipate this year will be a bit different since he is older and more aware. Last night, we did not have hail, but the thunder was so loud that it startled me awake at least 3-4 times. I was sure I would hear a terrified scream coming from Joshua's room, and I would hardly have blamed him, but he never peeped!

One time I woke up to the sound of the bedroom door slamming shut. I opened it to see David holding on to Joshua's bedroom door. The wind blowing through our house was pretty forceful, apparently. David pushed our big gallons of water against the front door because it was rattling pretty loudly. We also soaked up water in our kitchen and in our bedroom; this is when we are most thankful for tile floors rather than permanent carpeting!