Friday, July 16, 2010


(Pronounced like a sing-song "bye" without the "b")

Joshua has been playing "pretend" lately. There is some special term for it, but I can't remember it right now. He takes his little metal pail, waves and says "Ayeiiii!". He heads to the door and tries his hardest to open . Thankfully, even I have trouble opening it, so we should be okay for awhile! Now, I am not sure exactly what he is modeling. Perhaps Daddy heading out the door with his lunch? Well, Joshua is never awake at 5:45 when David leaves for work. (Thank goodness!) And Mommy avoids carrying a purse at all costs! Either way, it is pretty cute! Joshua also had his first encounter with a doll a few weeks ago, much to David's chagrin. He did exactly what any toddler with an Ellie would do. He fed her a bottle, and he gave her licks - I mean burped her.:-) Joshua also enjoys making his animal crackers gallop around on the table. He also made his Ritz cracker gallop around on the table last night. It is so sweet to see his little imagination at work!

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