Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As soon as Thanksgiving passed, we shifted gears drastically. Time to get ready for Christmas, and time to get ready for our newest family member! David had to work the day after Thanksgiving, and he surprised us with our first real Christmas tree! It makes me smile every time I come in the house to smell the fresh pine. We moved Ellie into Joshua's room, and the transition has been pretty smooth. They absolutely love it... maybe a little too much! I was nervous about making the move before my class was over. It's true, it was a distraction, but a very pleasant one. I had to work hard not to sit and listen to the radio show that inevitably took place during each nap time. Ellie had brief struggles the first few times she went to bed in her new room, and Joshua was a very sweet big brother to comfort her after I closed the door. Now, they laugh hysterically and throw their socks and stuffed animals around the room for as long as they can stand it! I went in yesterday to find Ellie with no pants on in the freezing room. As David puts it, she "hits the deck" when she hears that door open.


This is the way Ellie says "more" now. It is very well articulated. I am trying to figure out what accent she has. Ellie most often says "more" when we get in the car to see Christmas lights... which for Ellie, is every time we get in the car at night. She notices the few on our street and immediately begins her chorus of "marrr!"

Out of hibernation

I have been taking some classes since June, and it they have consumed every ounce of spare time that I didn't even know I had! Yesterday was the exam that ended this little season of back-to-school, so I thought I would celebrate by doing something on the computer other than an assignment! I am sooooo excited to have these few weeks of less pressure before Baby comes... just 6 weeks left!