Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Sounds

Holding hands. Yesterday when they held hands, Joshua bowed his head to pray with Ellie. :-)

Talking to Daddy

That is a Bumbo chair. For any who don't know, it is to help infants sit up. Well, Joshua thinks it is still his, so he sits in it... and it stays one him when he tries to get out of it!

Now for a little on Ellie and talking. Well, as the books put it, she has been babbling and cooing... and hollering. Mostly hollering. A lot. Shouting, yelling, and hollering. Very ladylike, my precious girl! The first couple of days, it was clear that she was yelling instead of crying because of a tummy ache. Each day, I had a very full diaper to prove it. Unfortunately, those yelling periods coincided with our dinner hour. Nice. Over the past few days, I thought that was just her preferred way of chatting with me. However, as soon as I picked her up, she stopped. Hmmm... yep, Ellie, you got my attention! And Joshua's attention during his nap! And the neighbor's dog's attention... At one point, I wasn't sure whether yelling or screaming and crying would be better. Apparently, it makes a big difference to Joshua. The couple of times that Ellie has gotten really upset for one reason or another, it has made him really upset as well. So I guess we will take the yelling if it means we can keep the content almost 2 year-old!

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