Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Or, "Hiiii!" Our Ellie has turned into quite the socialite. She eagerly and repeatedly greets others, and it never gets old to me! Ellie is very enthusiastic and cheerful as she waves frantically. If she doesn't sense a response, she gets closer and puts her hand right in front of her target's eyes... just to make sure she is seen! Recently, we were wandering around Target, and Ellie was saying good-bye to her good friends Cookie Monster and Elmo. She especially has a think for Elmo; I think it is because she can kind of say his name.

So. What did you do today?

This is a conversation Joshua and I have frequently these days. It is so sweet to see his awareness of others and watch his mind grasp new social skills. Joshua has recently realized that I wake up before him. As we sit down to breakfast, he asks me about everything I have done so far. The conversation usually ends with a few rounds of: "And what ELSE did you do? And what ELSE?" I think Joshua's favorite part is the end of the story when I say, "... and then, I got my Joshua out of bed!"