Friday, January 13, 2012

Shout, shout!

Joshua's favorite music is the World Mandate cd. He would listen to it 24/7 if we let him, and when it isn't playing, he is singing it. It is pretty incredible to me how quickly he has learned most of the words. (And amusing that he insists he is correct even when he is mixed up on some words.) On another musical note, David now sings the 50 States song while he brushes Joshua's teeth. I never learned this song, and my 3 year-old now knows it better than I do! Aside from some minor, (and some more major), pronunciation issues, he can sing the entire thing!

Almost 2

I am about ready to explode, and Ellie is turning 2 on Sunday! I think I will have time to catch up a little now that classes and Christmas chaos are behind me... at least until Baby Girl is born. :) To add to the chaos, we have had a lot of computer trouble over the past month, so I can't post pictures for the time being.

We were hesitant to plan anything major to celebrate Ellie's birthday because we had no idea what the month would look like. With no signs of a hospital trip in sight, we decided to have Chick fil-a and made-by-someone-else cupcakes at the museum last night. We had Elmo cupcakes, Ellie had an Elmo balloon, and Joshua gave Ellie a stuffed Elmo. Ellie enjoyed her "pah-dee," and she appreciated all of the "Mo-mo" things. Joshua has done reasonably well actually letting Ellie play with her special Elmo. Definite progress!