Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's with the tags?!

Above, you see Ellie playing on her little floor gym. This thing is pretty remarkable, and Ellie seems to enjoy it. There are all kinds of things to grab, textures to feel, and even music that plays when she rolls a ball. It is designed to be entertaining for tummy time, back time, and sitting up. Each direction she turns, she is greeted by a loud, colorful thing that seems to scream, "Overstimulation!" Maybe that is why she has lately taken to playing with the one thing on there that is not actually intended for play... the tag. She bats at all of the different things, but the tag is the one thing that grabs her attention for "long" periods of time... like, oh, maybe 5 minutes. :-) I remember that Joshua loved tags as well. It must be a pretty standard baby thing because we even have a book that has all different types of tags sticking out of it for the baby's exploratory pleasure. Who knew?

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