Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dinner with Joshua

Last night, we had a pretty random meal. I made chicken caesar salad. Joshua ate the chicken that went with the salad, and I made biscuits to add a little more "substance" to the meal. :-) (And to encourage Joshua to eat his chicken!) Meal time had been pretty hit and miss with Joshua lately. I gave him a little barbecue sauce to dip his chicken, and it worked. (Yes, the chicken had spices on it, and no, the spices should NOT have been paired with barbecue sauce!) Anyway, Joshua did a great job eating his chicken. I brought out honey for the biscuits. Joshua had been happily eating his biscuit, and then he noticed us putting honey on ours. He indicated that he wanted some, and the next few minutes went something like this:

(Joshua licks the honey off of his biscuit and asks for more)
David: Joshua, there is still honey inside the biscuit. You don't need any more.
(Joshua gestures for more honey.)
(David gives Joshua a little bit more honey, then hides the honey behind something on the table.)
(Joshua licks his biscuit some more, then asks for more honey.)
David: Joshua, it's all gone. Eat your chicken and your biscuit.
(Joshua indignantly points to the object obstructing his view of the honey. He clearly knows it isn't "all gone." Guess we have to re-phrase...)
David: Joshua, we are finished with the honey. Eat your chicken and biscuit; you can dip it in your sauce.
Emily: Gross! Don't tell him to dip his biscuit in barbecue sauce!
David: I don't think he cares...
(Joshua dips his biscuit in the sauce and happily finishes his biscuit.)

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