Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shoo Ismik?

"What's your name?" I find it funny how often people forget names here. It is somewhat surprising, but it is helpful for me to know that I don't have to feel guilty if I forget some of the difficult names I can hardly say correctly! Today I went to get my hair cut by our neighbor. I very intentionally said her name over and over after I met her recently, and I wrote it down when I got home because it is one of those difficult names. So I had to smile when she asked me at some point during my haircut, "Shoo ismik?" Some other friends of ours that we have known most of the time we have lived here forgot Joshua's name recently. As I write this, I think that perhaps it just goes two ways. Our names are strange and hard to remember for them, and theirs are for us. That is with the exception of the 3 names that are guaranteed to be in every family around here. David was with some friends, and they wanted to get someone's attention. One friend called out one of these names, and David thought he knew the guys. His friend said no, he didn't know them, but he knew one of them would respond to that name!

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