Friday, May 15, 2009

The haircut

...also known as "the mistake every foreigner makes!" I think I mentioned that I got my hair cut. I have had one other haircut since we moved here. It was in the heat of the summer last year when I was 6 months pregnant. One night, I felt so hot that I strongly considered just whacking my hair off myself! I exercised a little self control and waited until ten o'clock the next morning. I knew it was risky getting a short haircut in a language I hardly knew, but I felt it was worth the risk! However, I was very pleasantly surprised... it was inexpensive and I was happy with it! Since then, nearly a year ago, I have been growing out that short haircut. I went to my neighbor and told her that I just wanted a trim. I tried to explain a lot more than I did last year. I came away looking like a shaggy dog. The obnoxious bangs I have been growing so that I don't have hair in my face... well, she understood and didn't cut them, but there is a lot more hair that is that length now! Anyway, the good news is that it still goes into my standard ponytail, so no one has to know. The funniest part is that my friend, also a foreigner, said the same thing happened to her. She learned that if you ask for "layers," the word translates to them as "steps." This explains why I have a mushroom on top of my head and a long tail of hair behind me. Ok, maybe it isn't quite that bad, but I learned something new!

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