Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In a precious post, I told you about a nighttime visitor that we could only assume was a scorpion. After a couple of nights of checking every nook and cranny of the room before sleeping, we assumed it was gone. That was three weeks ago. This afternoon, I heard a noise that sounded like our neighbor was dumping water from her balcony. (This happens from time to time.) I went to check, but I couldn't see where the water was. I stopped as I walked past the wrapping paper we hid behind a door. (Classy, I know. Like everyone else in the world, I feel we have limited storage!) Anyway, what I originally thought was water outside sounded more like a bug fluttering in the wrapping paper. Can you tell where this is going?

I am not really a bug person. Actually, I get disgusted by things like roaches that can't even hurt me! So naturally, I called David. I didn't expect or want him to come home, I just needed some moral support. (At this point, as he said, it could easily have been a fly!) The power was out, so I couldn't see very well. I armed myself with a can of Raid and our trusty headlamp. Do you have a good picture of me? It only gets better. I carefully poked at a bag and then a roll of paper, knocking them over and waiting to see what happened. After the third or fourth attempt, I saw it. I shudder just to think of it! Again, I have to call David! I kept him on the phone until the ordeal was over. My biggest concern was that I couldn't shriek since Joshua was sleeping about 10 feet away. I darted into our room and put on the first shoes I could grab. Now I am sporting some dressy shoes with my sweatpants in addition to my headlamp... I ditched the can of Raid because apparently you have to squash scorpions to kill them.

I don't know if scorpions are normally slow, but I am thankful that this one didn't scurry around. I stomped and ground him into the carpet. Yes, I am going to have to scrub that later, but I wanted to make sure he was really, totally, and completely dead! I added elbow-length rubber gloves to my ensemble to get the scorpion off the floor using paper bags. Yes, I am a wimp...and I still haven't taken off my shoes!

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