Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beach Take 2!

Yesterday we headed to the beach. If I have my way, we will go every weekend! There is not a lot to do here, and I think I have mentioned how much our little guy loves to get out and do things. This time, we were more prepared for our outing. David and I were dressed to sit in the sand with Joshua. It helped him play a lot more, but he still wanted absolutely nothing to do with the water. I think the waves are scary to him. However, I got my first "mothering a boy" lesson as I plopped him in the sand in his little white outfit and let him eat it from time to time. David's theory was that Joshua would take a taste and realize that it was gross. He may have thought it was gross, but that didn't keep him from checking it from time to time to see if it had gotten any better! If you think that sand gets everywhere when you go to the beach, try wearing a diaper. I am not sure how the diaper got filled with sand, but Joshua's carseat, crib, and changing table were sandy at the end of the day!

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