Sunday, May 10, 2009

New fascinations every day

Joshua is aware of new things all the time these days. It is fun to see his eyes widen and watch him crane his nexk to see things that look interesting to him. His most recent fascinations are his hairbrush and the kitchen counter. I brush his hair each night after his bath. I am not sure why; it's not like there are tangles! Anyway, he recently noticed the brush, so now he turns his head the whole time I am brushing because he wants to see this incredible toy! He puts the bristles in his mouth once each night and then remembers that it wasn't so great the first time. We bathe Joshua in a little tub in the kitchen sink. A couple of nights ago, he realized that there is a counter between his bather and the bathtub. When he sees it now, he grabs onto it and tries to pick up this big bath toy!
The book in the picture is one a friend from Houston sent. It is perfect for Joshua because it has little tags made out of ribbon along each edge, and he loves to chew on the tags on all of his toys.

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