Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting creative

I realize I have slacked in sharing Joshua stories lately. I will try to do better because he is the highlight of this blog! He has two teeth now, so there has not been much to share as he has just been teething over the past couple of weeks. I have learned that he really likes to "go, go, go!" He is easily bored at home, so I try to be proactive in planning outings. It is a bit tricky since we have one car and there are not a lot of places I can easily reach on foot. I am trying to maximize use of the balconies these days. Joshua loves being outside. He loves to hear the sounds and see the trucks and cars go by. Last week I took him out on the balcony with the intention that we would just sit together. It was a particularly fussy time, but he seemed very happy. I decided to see if he would play a little bit. I didn't want to rock the boat by going inside to get toys, so I improvised. He played very happily with his socks and a piece of the bag from my pretzels. (It made a very entertaining crinkly sound.) There's nothing like new "toys" to explore!

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