Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Praises and Smiles

During the first two months of Joshua's life, he rarely slept, and he was rarely awake without screaming and crying. You easily induce from those two statements that he was often unhappy... and for many hours at a time. It was easy to get stressed out; we were frustrated and sad at the same time. We constantly had PraiseBaby music playing, and I think it was more for us than it was for him! We got some of the dvds, and Joshua enjoys them from time to time. I never thought that such a young baby would have any kind of attention span for a little video, but he really likes them.

This week, we have watched about one a day. Joshua has been sick, and he has been waking up an hour early every day. He is actually quite punctual! If the time had changed here, he would be waking up right on time! Alas, we have 9 days... and yes, I am counting... until the time changes! So that leaves me with a sick, tired, and fussy baby nearly every day. Usually Joshua only fusses when he is ready to sleep, so I think I am spoiled now! With the PraiseBaby dvds, he is content, and I am more relaxed with the sound of the music. I am not trying to advertise; I am just thankful for a "worshipful" television option tat has made my mornings more manageable over the past week!

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