Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pardon me, but I think my mooquet is in your garden.

Most people here use clotheslines to dry their clothes. We have one on our balcony, and I was originally really excited about having a place to hang things that can't go into the dryer. David was glad to not have my clothes hanging all over the house... for awhile. I quickly realized that the nice white sheets flowing in the breeze at sunset on the commercials don't actually smell as nice as they look! Things that I hung outside always smelled like... well, I bet you can guess... outside! So I have only used the clothesline for a few things in the past 8 months. Sunday evening, after our utility room fiasco, I put a small carpet and highchair cover out to dry overnight. The carpet was in the utility room, and I had just washed the hand-me-down highchair cover. That night, it got pretty windy. I looked out the kitchen window the next morning to see the lack of carpet and the highchair cover hanging on my the buckle. The carpet, (the Arabic word for it is "mooquet"), was down on the ground, probably smashing something in the lovely vegetable garden behind our building. It made me think of the other times we have had funny clothesline experiences. Over the summer, one of our friends who visited put his shorts out on the clothesline. I think they ended up in a tree, and he went and got them right before he got in the car to go to the airport. The funniest thing was when my landlady knocked on the door at 10am apologizing because her husband's underwear had fallen from her clothesline to ours! I let her walk through our bedroom to retrieve them herself.:-)

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