Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food fun

The title might make you think this is about Joshua and his eating, but it is more about how fun I have making baby food.:-) I decided to make food for Joshua at home mainly because of how expensive it is to buy. (I think it is even more expensive to buy the jars here than it is in America.) I never intended to be rigid about this; if it starts to take too much time or interfere with other important things, I am fine with giving Joshua pre-made food. However, I thoroughly enjoy preparing food for him. I wish there were more options, but that will come as he grows! I use this wonderful thing that David found to puree the fruits and vegetables, and it is so fast and easy! Joshua continues to impress me with his preferences. Broccoli is hands down his favorite, and pears are perhaps second. He makes a face of disgust with every bite of potato, and he seems a little concerned about the consistency of bananas. I can see how it might get a bit more time-consuming as he likes to eat around 6 icecube-sized portions per meal! We started with three trays that I fill; but I just sent David out to buy six more! I have to go and puree some carrots now.:-)

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  1. How fun! I also enjoyed making levi's easy and CHEAP! (Don't do puree as much any more.) He LOVES I always kept trays of peas ready to go. I still can't the boy to eat any kind of potato though, except baby jar sweet potatoes. Hopefully, you'll have better luck. We'll just keep trying. Sounds Joshua is a good little eater!! I enjoy your blog! Happy puree!


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