Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bathroom rig gone awry

If you ask anyone here, we have two bathrooms in our apartment. If you ask one of us, we have one. That is because we have one Eastern toilet (a.k.a. "squatty potty"), and one Western toilet. We converted the room with the Eastern toilet into a utility room. The dryer is stacked on top of the washing machine, and the washing machine drains into the toilet... or hole in the ground... whichever term you prefer.You have to step over this "drain" to get behind the dryer. We have to do this quite regularly because we can only have 2 things plugged in at one time, and the washer, dryer, and water heater all share the same room. We also have to open a little window to stick the hose outside when we are using the dryer. All of this explanation is going somewhere, I promise!

On Sunday evening, I went to put the dryer hose through the window, and the hose came off. I had trouble re-attaching it, so David gave it a shot when he got home. Some time in there, we shuffled some things around and apparently stumbled a bit. The only reason I know this is that an hour or two later, I found water all over the floor! We ran a load of laundry through the washing machine with the hose pouring out onto the tile floor! Thankfully, there is a small step into the bathroom, so the water was contained. Also, the washing machine is propped up enough that it was fine. We just had to throw out about 10 rolls of toilet paper, and it gave me an excuse to "deep clean" the room. I just maybe would have preferred to do it at some time other than 8pm on Sunday!

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