Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pass the broccoli, please!

I just wanted to mention a few new things in Joshua's life this week. Last night, he had broccoli for the first time. This seems to be an unconventional vegetable to introduce so early. Since we don't have a lot of green options, and his Mommy loves broccoli, I decided to try it. I fully expected him to hate it at first, but I think it is his favorite of all of the new foods he has had over the past two weeks! He must get his taste buds from me and not David!

Also new this week... maybe Joshua thinks he is a bird learning how to fly instead of a person who should crawl. He seems fully content to live life on his back with the occasional rolling over. There is no apparent interest in moving from one place to the other, but he does flap his arms like crazy from time to time. I don't mean the awkward movement that comes and goes; I mean he really flaps them up and down! I guess he is expressing excitement or something!

Joshua has been very verbal over the past few days. I will hear him from a different room of the house, and I think he is crying out for some company. When I go to him, I realize he is just having a very animated conversation with the boy in the mirror or whatever else he can find!

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