Saturday, March 7, 2009

Adjusting to a new season of life

This week a friend invited me to spend time with her. It was the end of a day when I had been out for awhile, and I was deep into straightening and cleaning our house. I knew it was not an ideal time, but I didn't want to turn down the opportunity. As soon as I hung up the phone, I started to realize all the reasons why it was much more than "not ideal," but it would simply not work. I wrestled with whether to just deal with it or call back and cancel. I found that my decision-making process looks entirely different now as a Mom. I wanted to go because it would be nice to see this friend, and it has always been difficult to connect with her. I was tired, but I could just rest later. The problem is that I don't just factor in myself any more, and I knew Joshua would be exhausted. Plus, I would need to feed him right after his nap, which was when they wanted to pick me up. The determining factor was the carseat situation. I had Joshua's carseat at home, but there is never a guarantee of functioning seatbelts in someone else's car. So, rather than "saving face" and sticking with my original "yes," I opted for my baby's safety and needs. It is often easy to sacrifice what I want, but it is a new realm when I am responsible for his well-being! (It is worth mentioning that most people here would not understand the carseat reason! They just hold children and babies of all ages in their laps or dangling from their hip on the motorcycle or in the car!)

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