Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ree riss yats!!

Well, in case you didn't guess, this is yet another lesson in Joshua's language. It is also a Mommy thrilled with the beginning of the Christmas season as always, but even more because it is so fun to explain things to Joshua as we go. We are enjoying day-by-day reminders of the Advent of Jesus with Joshua and Ellie's Advent calendar, and we tell Joshua the stories of the different characters every day. This week, we have told the story of Mary each day. I decided to be very redundant this year so that Joshua will remember the couple of sentences I share with him.

Joshua loves the Little Drummer Boy. He likes the song, but he really loves the book that his Great Aunt and Uncle sent to him. I think we read it twenty times yesterday! I thought it was so interesting that he recognized Mary in the book, but he kept asking where the drum was because it is shaped a little differently.

Oh, and the title of this post... Joshua loves Christmas lights! (Can you see those words in the title?) He likes the kind that are really porch lights and street lights as well. Easy to please! David told him that the lights are for Jesus' birthday party - even if lots of people don't realize it! I have been thinking about making a birthday cake for Jesus each year as part of our Christmas Eve celebration. What kid can't relate to birthday cake?! :) I haven't taken any pictures of Christmas in our home, but I will soon!

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