Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mommy's Little Kitchen Christmas Helper

Cooling sweet rolls

Joshua "making"... we all stayed in our pjs for most of the day!

Dinner time!

Our friend Landry

We have been very busy in the kitchen over the past couple of weeks. We kicked off the festivities with a baking day with our friends Amie and Landry. What began as an afternoon baking party turned into eating chili in shifts among lots of cookies as Amie and I scrambled to finish while our husbands played with the children. It was exhausting, but it was so much fun! Last Sunday, I made sweet rolls for our Waco Christmas morning. I chose Sunday because David could run interference with the kids. This is the first year I would say that sweet rolls were easier than the peanut butter balls, which I attempted with both kids awake and no other adults around... hmmm. I envisioned Joshua's playing with a blob of peanut butter dough happily while I rolled and rolled and rolled... and rolled some more. He made one ball for Daddy, ate a little ball, and then made me nervous for a while until I quit trying and waited for nap time to continue. My kids just aren't hands-free enough yet for me to be up to my wrists in margarine and peanut butter for such a long time!

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