Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Pink Car

Well, I have been stalling because it has been so long since I last posted anything! I guess I will get started even though I don't have pictures to go with many of my stories lately. At Thanksgiving, cousin Lily brought Joshua - oops, I mean ELLIE :) a little pink car riding toy thing. (How is that for a word picture!?) The reason that I forget that it is for Ellie is because although it is pink an purple with a little detachable purse, Joshua LOVES that car! He has a rocket as well that he loves, but there is just something about that car. David and I have been working on reminding Joshua that Ellie is sharing her car with him until she is old enough to use it by herself. He disagrees!

Ellie loves the Pink Car as well, I have learned. What's not to love? There is even a detachable purse! (To Joshua's credit, he refuses to drive the car with the purse attached...) Ellie thinks it is quite delightful to sit next to the car roll it around. She gets a grip on it and moves it back and forth. Yesterday, I put her on it and held her while I pushed her around. (Of course, this took place during Joshua's nap time!) Ellie was all grins. When I stopped pushing her, she kind of bounced in the seat as if to say, "Come on, now, keep it going, Mom!" When I took her off the seat, she shrieked and shrieked in protest. She knows what she wants!!

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