Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Toddler's Day Out

Also known as "Mother's Day Out, " but I am now positive that we send Joshua for his sake, and not for mine! At least at this point, with Ellie at her current stage, I don't do much more during the time that Joshua is at "school" than I do on a normal day. However, I know that it is good for him to be around other little kiddos his own age. He always leaves a little sad and comes home extremely happy and ready to chat. Joshua doesn't sleep at all during nap time, but then he takes his normal nap 2 hours late, so that is pretty nice! Joshua now has a new backpack, and while he loves seeing it and carrying it, he doesn't love the fact that carrying it means he is on his way to school to play with his friends. You might laugh and think, "Why in the world would he need a back pack?" Well, he doesn't, but I need him to have a backpack so that I can put things on his back! It got a little ridiculous: Ellie on one hip, purse over my shoulder, Joshua's big bag overflowing on another shoulder, lunch box in hand, holding Joshua's hand, and usually chasing the sippy cup he dropped from time to time. Yikes. I like his back pack. :-)

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