Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting ready for the day

Clean diapers: check!
Breakfast: Check!
Taking a break before the clothes part :)


When Ellie wakes up first, she sits with Joshua in his crib for a minute.

Mornings are a juggling act, especially since Ellie started eating from a spoon. We have a pretty decent rhythm, and it goes something like this:
  • Joshua talks for a little while; I go in and get him. He tells me about things, and then he gets out of bed. He asks for crackers, and when I say, "no crackers for breakfast," he asks for cereal. Every. Morning. :) I gauge from his mood whether it is worth the diaper change battle right away. Sometimes, I go for it. Other times, I wait until after he has eaten. He hasn't realized that it feels great to shed that 5 pound overnight diaper!
  • We go into the kitchen, and Joshua gets a bowl for his cereal. He eats cereal and yogurt most mornings with the occasional scrambled egg. During the breakfast moments, enter: Ellie
  • She hears Joshua, and she starts to talk. Joshua is very insistent that she needs to get up!
  • Diaper change for Ellie; she usually gets dressed for the day
  • bottle and food for Ellie at the table with Joshua
  • Everyone finishes, and we move on to getting Joshua dressed (Mommy has been showered and dressed for hours... ready for game time!)
  • gather a sippy cup for Joshua, a car toy and burp cloth for Ellie
  • We are in the car by 8:30 most mornings for our daily outing!

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