Friday, June 18, 2010

Table for four!

Yesterday, we took a big step. Ellie had her first food! I was hoping she would make it to six months, but she has been unusually wakeful at night, so we will see if this helps. Ellie made her spoon-eating debut with a whopping tablespoon of rice cereal. She pushed some of it out with her tongue in a futile attempt to eat in the only way she really knows how, but all in all, it was a successful first meal. An especially interesting part of the meal was Joshua's reaction. This sweet little person is actually starting to do stuff, and he notices the difference! He thinks it is fun, but he also wants in on the attention!

The priceless face

Pause to clean the floor... Ellie was so excited after her first bite that she kicked the bowl right out of my hand!

Joshua decided to act like a monkey so that we would take his picture, too.:-) Don't worry, honey, you are still cute!

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