Monday, June 7, 2010

Mah-mah, Dah-dah, Bah-bah, Nah-nah, Unh-unh

Joshua's verbal skills are improving these days. We started to teach him some sign language about a month ago just to ease some of the frustration, but he is starting to pick up new words here and there. David and I were thrilled when Joshua started calling us by name. Most of his syllables have multiple meanings, but I don't care as long as I can understand him for now!

Mah-mah: Mommy, more
Dah-dah: Daddy
Bah-bah: Bible, male grandparent (They each have different chosen names, but I guess this is what it will be for now!)
Nah-nah: night-night, female grandparent (see parenthetical note above)
Unh-unh: (a vast myriad of meanings, this syllable takes on the inflection of the correct words) thank you; "Yes, Mommy;" okay, etc.

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