Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sittin' pretty

...with a little help from the Bumbo chair! Each month, I have been comparing Joshua and Ellie's pictures. Joshua was sitting in this little chair in his 4 month picture, so it inspired me to see how Ellie would fare.

We almost didn't bring the Bumbo back from Lebanon because Joshua never really used it. He kind of always sagged to the side or spit up from the pressure on his tummy. It seems like Ellie likes it pretty well! Ironically, Joshua enjoys the Bumbo these days as well. When he sees it in Ellie's room, he either sits in it, or he picks it up and marches it back to his room, where he thinks it belongs.

Now we shall add "sitting time" next to "tummy time" in her daily activities. (Note: It is much more difficult to find time for her tummy. She needs to be rested and fed, but not too recently fed; then we have to make sure her rowdy brother isn't to nearby!)

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