Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good morning to you!

I love mornings with our kids. It helps that I am a morning person, and it also helps that our kids never wake up before 7 these days. In fact, they usually both sleep until 7:30 or even 8! In the morning, I go and get Ellie as soon as I hear her. She usually starts her day by talking or hiccuping. Such sweet sounds! I peek over the side of the crib and start to talk to her. She perks up and looks around a little. I am greeted with a smile. I continue talking to her and patting her, but I realize this window is short-lived. If I wait too long to pick her up, she realizes it has been soooo long since dinner, and she is HUNGRY!:-) So off we go to eat. At some point during her breakfast, I hear David and Joshua in the back of the house. Joshua is happily telling David all of the things he has been pondering while he waited to get out of his bed. Joshua comes thumping into the living room to greet everyone. His first two requests are usually for milk and music. He loves to dance to music, and he asks for it throughout the day. Ellie's eyes get wide as Joshua gets more and more active. And our day begins!

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