Monday, April 19, 2010

This and that

I think this is the new face of blogging in my life... a hiatus here and an update there. It feels a little less important since we see friends and family SO much more frequently these days, but I will keep it up as sporadically as I am able!
It is hard to believe we have been back for just over a month. It feels like it has been forever, but it has also gone by quickly... if that is possible. We have had a whirlwind of a month, but I think we are finally getting into a manageable routine.

We take frequent trips to the zoo in Waco where Joshua loves to run around see all of the animals. His favorites are the giraffes and the birds... not the caged birds, but the obnoxious ones that plagues Waco. Our least favorites are the vultures that hang out around the bears to eat their lunch.

Joshua loves all things outside; he would stay out there all the time if we would let him. Unfortunately, he seems to be quite prone to allergies around here. He is also exploring the world of art. Joshua loves to sit in his chair at the table and color. He also brought home his very first finger painting from church the other day... you can see that he is quite a natural!

In other news, Ellie is now 3 months old. She took a break from growing, but I think we are back on track there. Ellie is a sweet little girl, and she seems to be very disturbed at times by her rambunctious big brother. That's the news for now in our world!

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