Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pediatric Protocol... round 2

I have mentioned the way things went with the medical system in Lebanon. Now, I feel compelled to remark on our first experiences with the system in America. Ellie was having some trouble over the weekend. It was no emergency; I just needed some reassurance. You might remember the way things went in Lebanon: simply call or text the doctor, and receive a response within minutes. Well, what do you do when you don't have the doctor's cell phone number? Answer: call the random person who has no idea who you are or even in what city you are located so that they can have a random nurse call you back and give you some textbook answer. Hmmm... add this to the list of things I will miss about Lebanon... and mark it as my first meltdown since we arrived in America that was related to cultural adjustment. (How was that for a good sentence?) Or try plan B: call the nice doctor from your church whose number happens to be in your friend's phone. The good news is that we had already scheduled general check-ups for both kids this week, and once we finally met our new doctor, we were very pleased. The picture is of Joshua and his Lebanese doctor. No, Joshua did not love visiting the doctor, did he? Well, our American doctor's office gets points for having an actual waiting room with an aquarium to distract the unassuming patient. They also gave Joshua two little toy trucks, two books, and little Tweety band-aids. (Oh, wait... I guess we indirectly paid for all of those things...:-p)

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