Monday, January 4, 2010

A picture of 9 months

I said picture, not photo! I am not one of the moms who will post pictures every month to show the growth of my tummy, but I will share a word picture, if you will...:-) We were out running errands, and I saw my tummy in the mirror of a store! Not just the fact that there is a tummy... but actually my shirt didn't fully reach the top of my pants, and I couldn't tell until I looked in a mirror! So, point #1 is that you know you are 9 months pregnant when one of your biggest "moo moo" maternity shirts doesn't cut it any more! I quickly passed Joshua off to David and held my sweater closed for the rest of the outing. I think I was down to about 5 shirts I could wear comfortably... now make it 2, and I will just wear long sweaters until this little girl is here! We went into a store, and I was gasping and peeling off layers while David comfortably walked around in his fleece. Point #2... you know you are 9 months pregnant when you can't believe how stifling the heat is all of a sudden in January!

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