Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ellie's uniform

I was feeling badly that we haven't taken a ton of pictures of Ellie like we did with Joshua during his first weeks. David reminded me that one reason is Joshua never slept... literally... so he was being held and "doing" more than Ellie does. Sure, we could take a hundred pictures of this precious little girl, but they would all look the same. Firstly, her eyes would be closed in all of them, and secondly, she wears a winter uniform. Layer number one is a little onesie and socks. Layer number two is a thin pair of feet pajamas with the little sleeves that fold over her hands so she doesn's scratch herself. Layer number three is her fleece pajamas. Finally, bundle her tightly in a snuggly blanket and put a hat on her head. (But know that the hat is too big and will fall off before too long. Hey, we do the best we can!) Ellie has all sorts of sleepsacks and warm things that we will add into the mix before too long, but she is so tiny that she gets swallowed in them currently!

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