Friday, December 18, 2009

Sweep it under the rug

If you know much about David, you know we have lots of blank cds and dvds lying around. We also have lots of homemade mix cds strewn about. Joshua has taken an interest in these shiny discs, and his current favorite game is to slide them under our rugs. We have all tile floors, so we have area rugs in every room. You walk across the threshold to the area between the two bedrooms, and you feel some lumps under the carpet, courtesy of our son. He also enjoys pushing the laundry basket around these days. This morning, I rolled up the rug in the entryway so he could roam freely, and I found no less than 10 cds and a couple of plastic covers hiding beneath it! Who knows what we will find when we completely pull up all of the carpets!

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