Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Haircut!

We finally broke down and cut Joshua's hair about 3 weeks ago. I am just now mentioning it, and there are no accompanying pictures because it was not a tremendous experience... on several levels! I thought it would be great to cut his hair in the bathtubso that we could clean up the mess easier, his hair would already be wet, and he could happily play with his toys as usual. Well, it was a nice thought! Joshua was interested in the scissors when we first brought them out, but he was terrified of the "snipping" sound in his ear. An inexperienced Mom plus a screaming 14 month-old does NOT equal a nice haircut! I pretty much butchered his sweet little curls and still regret it! David tried to correct it a little the next day, and it was an improvement, but I think we would both say the haircut was premature. Now we can only hope that those precious curls will grow back!

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