Sunday, November 29, 2009

The things we learn...

One of Joshua's "things" right now is to roam around the house wearing gloves. These are gloves that were a random gift last year, actually. They are not particularly attractive, and he can never sit still long enough for me to put them on his hands properly. However, if he sees them, he MUST have them on! Nevermind the fact that they make crawling a little more difficult and slippery! Today Joshua was experimenting with his gloves and learning that his claps don't sound the same with them. David killed a mosquito the other night, and since then, Joshua will randomly clap once because well, that is what Daddy did!

Another thing Joshua has been figuring out is that he can't clap while holding things. Last night, he was tossing a tennis ball around, and he kept trying to clap as he threw it. This morning, he wanted to clap to the beat he was making as he banged together metal measuring cups, but somehow the measuring cups kept falling out of his hands as he clapped. Go figure! I have to admit, I prefer the sound of clapping to clanging metal!

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