Monday, November 30, 2009

The games Mommy won't play

This afternoon we visited our friends. There were several children around, and that usually means that Joshua is pretty happy. He crawled around, shared our refreshments, and was playing with my gum container. It is a small canister that I really bought more because he likes to shake it than because I enjoy the gum. At some point, Joshua ended up on the couch with two children in his face... not my favorite during flu season, but at least I got the young girl to stop putting her fingers in his mouth! Anyway, Joshua started the "dropping" game. You all must know it well... he drops his toy, and someone is supposed to pick it up...over and over and over again. Well, Mommy is not a fun playmate during this game because she doesn't play very well for very long. These two kids, much to Joshua's delight, thought it was so fun to continue retrieving his gum container and returning it to him.

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