Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's all about perspective

Last week, we were plagued with terrible electricity. I mean terrible. The worst it has been since we moved here by far. For about 6 days, we had 5-7 hours of power in every 24 hour period. That actually sounds like a lot when I phrase it that way, but trust me... it isn't. I may have mentioned our big battery that allows us to use lights. We kind of grew accustomed to saving the battery for the night, and I just accepted the fact that it would take 12 hours to finish a load of laundry. So day to day, it wasn't a huge deal... once we threw out all of our perishable refrigerated items that still seem to have left an aroma. As the weekend rolled around, I did realize that I was extremely mentally and emotionally exhausted. It is interesting how such things can have that kind of effect. And when Saturday came, and we had more than 2 consecutive daytime hours of electricity for the first time all week, I was elated. It was a rough week, but I am so much more thankful for the amount of electricity that we have each day. Sure, it isn't 24 hours, but I will take it joyfully!

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