Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Girl fever?

If there is such a thing, then I have it! A couple of days ago, I started thinking about the winter and about things we might need for our kiddos to be prepared... yes, come winter, we will have more than one star of this blog! It still seems surreal! However, as I looked at those preciously pink BabyGap First Favorites online, I just melted. And now, I am hooked. Maybe other Moms are different in this area, but one reason I am glad to have had a boy first is that I think EVERYTHING would have been pink if we had a girl first. I mean everything. We refrained from getting all things blue with Joshua, so we will be able to continue to use the main "equipment." Baby Girl Balch will, however, be wearing lots of pink and lots of dresses. (This coming from the Mom who rarely wears make-up and would live in running shoes if I could...)

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