Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lesson learned

Today I got Joshua after his nap, gave him his bottle, and changed his diaper as usual. I thought we should sit out on the balcony and play in his new little "pool," which is actually more like an inflatable bathtub with Mickey Mouse on the floor. I didn't want to waste a diaper while I prepared the pool, so I just put on his little swim diaper. I figured he might "use" it a little before he got into the pool, but it would only take me a few minutes. I picked him up only to find that his seat was wet, as was the sweet little lamb rug underneath him. I must confess, I put him on it knowing I could toss it in the washing machine, but I hardly imagined I would need to do so! So the lesson that I learned is that a swim diaper is not sufficient when not in the pool... which makes me wonder how much good it actually does inside the pool!

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