Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I mentioned before that Joshua seems to discover one thing and then practice it over and over for about a week. Then it is almost as if he forgets it for awhile. He has done this with "DADADA" and other syllables. His latest verbal, or perhaps I should say oral game is coughing. He will sneeze or cough and then continue to repeat the cough about 20 times in a couple of minutes. It is that pitiful I-am-not-sick-but-doesn't-it-sound-like-I-am attempt that a child might use to stay home from school. It is pretty funny. We think he tries to sneeze on purpose and the cough is what comes out. Then, since we are all laughing at him, he decides he should keep going! He is also into a "semi-razzing phase." He makes a funny noise, puffs up his lips, and somehow ends up with slobber all over his chin. Quite charming!:-)

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