Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Sobia

A sobia is a fuel-burning stove that heats the room. We moved into an apartment that was "ready" for a sobia in the living room and in Joshua's room, meaning that there were already holes in the walls and pipes outside the house to carry the smoke away. I had no idea what a blessing this was until several weeks ago when we finally broke down and purchased one for our living room. It only took a couple of days for us to realize it was totally worth it to purchase one for Joshua's room as well. Ever since we got these wonderful sources of heat that do not require electricity, I have enjoyed winter so much more! Today it is back in the 40s, and I am actually enjoying the cold. During Joshua's nap, I sat in the living room next to the stove and felt thankful that we don't have central heating here. David recently pointed out that in many ways, where we are now is a lot like we imagine America might have been 60 years ago.

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