Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Electicity Adventures

So you may or may not know that we have 8-12 hours of electricity during each 24-hour period. That sounds terrible, but we also have a huge battery that will power lights and fans for the hours in between. We have a gas oven and stove, so we have just learned how to plan showers, laundry, and microwave use... oh, and making coffee!! Anyway, we have been really blessed the last couple of days to have power during most of the day. Our theory is that it is because the weather has been very mild for winter, and they are using power tools downstairs at the store. We have heard that you can request extra power for special occasions, but I am not sure how that works! It has been nice to have extra electricity, but the lights blink constantly with the pulsing of the tools downstairs. Oh well!

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