Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Naptime these days

Back in the day when Joshua and Ellie had separate rooms, we could easily count on a 3 hour nap time. They didn't necessarily both sleep that long, but both kids were happy and relatively quiet in their rooms... often asleep! Then, they began sharing a room. For a few weeks there was very little sleeping. We figured out that some sleep might occur if Ellie had a chance to fall asleep before Joshua joined her. Enter Lanie into our family... and add a couple of months and some more awake stamina to Ellie. Now, I put Ellie in bed, return to remind her to put-her-head-on-her-pillow-and-don't-touch-the-curtains, and EVENTUALLY send Joshua into bed. While we wait for Ellie to fall asleep, Lanie is usually awake for a little while. Joshua creates a nice little set-up for her with toys surrounding her, and he sits and reads to her or flips through cards with her. In the picture, she is playing with Elmo while she learns the alphabet. So sweet!

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