Friday, February 24, 2012


Ellie is adjusting well to her life as our middle child. She did ignore me when she visited the hospital, but other than that, she has been great! Ellie is thrilled to see Lanie in the morning, and I think she finally understands not to climb on the crib to sneak a peek at her.

Ellie's vocabulary has really grown. She learned a lot of new words when she started sharing a room with Joshua and was held captive listening to hours of talking and songs. She seemed to learn even more when she realized there was more competition for attention in the house after Lanie was born! I wonder if every child goes through the phase where they need Mom or Dad to acknowledge their comprehension by repeating every word uttered? Well, both of our children have done that. And it sure is noisy around here these days!

Ellie loves to dance and take care of her baby dolls. Ellie is also very interested in discussing and helping with diaper changes. I guess it is a sign of the impending potty training process, but it is one that Joshua never showed. She likes carrying lots of things around. Last week, she followed me around asking me to "hold you baby doll".

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