Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bumper cars

Well, folks, I am trying to get back in the habit of posting. However, we are leaving on Friday for about a week, so it isn't going to happen soon!

We find ourselves in a very new season all of a sudden. Each morning, I get the kids up. It is straight to the potty for Joshua (!), and straight to the changing table for Ellie. They both promptly go to their respective vehicles, and then they go nuts until I get breakfast on the table. People who aren't around during these times have said, "Well, that sounds good; they are entertaining themselves!" Yes. Yes. Well, for a moment... that is, until one is going to fast in the game of chase or the other gets stuck between a car and a wall or one runs over the other one's toes... you get the idea! It is fun to hear their delighted shrieks and watch them become friends as they grow.

In case anyone out there hasn't heard, we will welcome Baby Balch #3 in January. We are so excited, and it is fun to be able to talk about the baby with Joshua.

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