Monday, April 4, 2011

A few of their favorite things: Ellie

These days, Ellie especially loves her independence! She loves to:
  • play with clothes. Sometimes she "wears" them, and other times she shakes them intensely.
  • dance. Ellie waves her arms and bounces up and down when she is enjoying a song.
  • play on the bed. She likes to let herself fall back or roll around on the soft blankets. Recently, she realized the carpet in our room has a similar appeal.
  • play "water bottles and the ice chest." What, you don't know that game?
  • "tickle" with Daddy. He tickles her, she laughs, and she asks him to do it again... and again!
  • brush her teeth. Simply seeing the bathroom causes her to ask to do this wonderfully thrilling activity!
  • read books
  • see animals

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